5 Safe Activities for Kids on Moving Day

We love our kids, right? And hopefully, we enjoy having them around. 

Except maybe on moving day… Yikes!?!?

“Moving day” marks the culmination of weeks, possibly months, of preparation. While we may be excited that we finally made it to the big event, the reality is that there is a ton to do and keep track of.

  • Pack up this, unpack that.
  • Direct here, redirect there.
  • Where does this go? Upstairs or downstairs?

Oh my… it’s all a bit of a whirlwind.

There are so many tasks to complete and, unfortunately, our kids are often too young to help, but just old enough to get in the way. The key is to keep them busy so you can concentrate on working, knowing that they are safe.

Ideally, having a babysitter or another family member available to watch them is the best solution. But that’s not always a possibility. What then?

Relax! You’ve got this. You know your kids better than anyone. 

Here are five suggestions that may help you plan a great day for them while simultaneously keeping them out of your hair (and safe):

1. Plan a Movie Day

This is one of the easiest ways to entertain your kids on moving day. With smartphones, tablets, and laptops, your kids can watch a movie or two from literally anywhere in the house. Let them pick a few options, and hey… if the movies are “moving-themed,” even better! (Think Toy Story.) 

Spread some pillows or blankets on the floor, provide snacks, and let them zone out while you go about your business. 

2. Set up a “camping trip”

What kid doesn’t love a camping trip? Especially one where they still have Wi-Fi and don’t have to fight off bugs or deal with unpredictable weather conditions. There should be a safe and quiet place somewhere in the house where your kids can spend time. 

Designate that space, set up a small tent (or create one with sheets and furniture at the new place), and send them on a “camping trip” for a few hours. Give them a game to play or something to color. Maybe even provide the little campers with some sleeping bags and flashlights. 

Also, don’t forget snacks and drinks, preferably ones you would bring on a real camping trip. Just don’t start a fire!

3. Create a moving day activity kit

This idea is great and easy to pull off. Gather together a bunch of fun things for them to do. This could be a pack of markers, crayons, a coloring book, activity book, sticker book, or even playdough if you don’t mind a little cleanup. 

Wrap it all up in a gift bag and give it to them on the day of the move as a surprise so that everything is fresh and exciting. They’ll love the goodies and you’ll love the peace and quiet! Don’t forget to organize a space for them to sit in that’s quiet and out of the way.

4. Create an unpacking scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun. Give your children a list of items to find among the moving boxes once they are delivered and the heavy lifting is done. If your boxes are labeled, that will help a lot. But, please, tell them to stay away from the china and crystal!

If you want to add some friendly competition to the game, award a prize to the child who completes the list first. (Just make sure you still have some form of prize for everyone!)

5. Play Hide-And-Seek 

In a new home, the children will appreciate a fun way to help them get familiar with the space. What better way than an old-school game of hide-and-seek? Encourage them to get creative and explore their surroundings!

Word of caution, though… You may want to limit their options and have some “no-go” regions to help keep them safe. For example, make sure the basement or attic and outside are off limits. Also, control the kind of plays they engage in until you have had a chance to look around yourself and give their new surroundings the parent’s seal of approval.

There you go: Five very easy and fun ways to keep your kids occupied, safe, and having fun while you take care of all your moving day responsibilities. Now go tackle that move and stop worrying… again, you got this!

When you’re planning your move, don’t forget to book reliable movers so that you can move confidently. Give us a call now!

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