6 Tips to Protect Your Possessions for a Move

Moving is always stressful — and things only get worse if you unpack broken items upon your arrival. Fear not, there are a few simple ways to keep your possessions safe, even over long-distance travel. All you need are the right packing materials and to be mindful of each item’s fragility.

Small Boxes for Small Items

It’s tempting to fill up big boxes with as much stuff as possible. Opting for smaller packages means there’s less potential movement for your items, and fewer things they can hit up against or scratch during transit. If you like, you can put your small boxes into a bigger box for convenience.

Wrap Up Breakables

Bubble wrap is essential for all kinds of glassware, from small bottles of beauty oil to wine goblets. Bubble wrap also prevents nicks and tears on non-glass items. It can be used to wrap artwork, trophies, ceramics, and other items that could suffer an unwanted crack during the move.

You may want to fill a box with a layer of packing peanuts before placing bubble-wrapped pieces on top. Put heavy items on the bottom and light ones on top.

Prevent Movement During Transit

Keep aside your folded socks, linens, and other home textiles to stuff boxes. This saves space and saves money on packing materials. It also stops individual items from shifting during transport. Less movement means less potential for disaster — but remember to clearly indicate on the outside of the box that those linens may have a valuable hiding inside, so it’s not carelessly dropped during unpacking.

Mind the Edges

Furniture may get scuffed or damaged during the move, especially if it is a glass table, mirror, or similar fragile item. You can wrap furniture in corrugated cardboard, or with moving blankets taped together. Secure taping is essential to make sure the blanket doesn’t shift or slip off during the journey. Plastic-wrapping padded furniture can help as well.

Close Boxes Securely

Once you have everything safely packed on the inside, take care to close the box securely. This usually means taping it shut along all of its edges with proper packing tape. Wrap the tape around the box to ensure there is a strong seal, so the package won’t pop open if it is accidentally dropped or punctured. Label items “fragile” if appropriate.

Get Help from the Experts

There’s enough to worry about with moving that it makes sense to outsource the packing duties. Delicate Moving is a respected Dallas company that can handle all of your moving needs, starting with the important task of securely packing all of your items. Get in touch today to learn more.

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