Discover DFW’s Best-Kept Secrets

The Dallas-Fort Worth area offers something for everyone. The mix of big city and suburban areas gives you the opportunity to choose exactly the feel that you’re looking for in a hometown. When you’re considering this area, take a look beyond the well-known attractions of the region. DFW’s best-kept secrets are the real reason you should consider moving to this area.

Great Trinity Forest

Great Trinity Forest is sometimes compared to Central Park, as it sits just outside of Dallas’ downtown area. However, everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes its urban parks! The 6,000-acre forest offers every type of outdoor activity that you could want. The trails are gorgeous, whether you’re a beginner or want something more challenging. You can explore the Trinity River Audubon Center, Texas Horse Park, wetlands and other recreational destinations.

River Legacy Living Science Center

The River Legacy Living Science Center is 12,000 square feet of scientific fun. As part of the River Legacy Park, the science center is designed in a way that is sustainable and works with the surrounding environment. They offer many types of educational programs and classes, along with interactive exhibits and aquariums featuring DFW native wildlife.

Bishop Arts District

Are you interested in diving right into local DFW culture? The Bishop Arts District has a small-town feel, but it’s located in bustling Dallas. As you walk through these welcoming streets, you’ll encounter 60 local businesses. Whether you want a bite to eat at an independently-owned restaurant or you’re in the mood to shop for a painting by a local artist, you’ll be able to find it here in the heart of North Oak Cliff.

White Rock Lake

A natural wonderland is waiting only 5 miles outside of the city! White Rock Lake offers a 1,015-acre lake that features many activities: a 9-mile trail, museum, arboretum, bird watching area, dog park, boat ramps and wetland are available. It’s a gorgeous park, whether you want to have a nice picnic or bring your bike for the trail.

Main Street Interactive Fountain

Head out to Coppell to have some fun during the hottest days of the year! The Main Street Interactive Fountain invites everyone to walk among the water jets as they spray based on patterns, music and other programs. As the sun goes down, they become even more beautiful with their lights. While you’re in the area, the Coppell Farmers Market is right next door. You can connect with local farmers in the DFW area and enjoy produce and meat that’s direct from the farm.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a must-visit attraction for a few reasons. The first is that the design is absolutely beautiful. Phillip Johnson is behind the architecture of the park, and the bold style and multi-tiered slopes have to be appreciated in person. You have three options for getting into the water and enjoying yourself. The quiet pool is the best area to visit when you’re trying to fit a relaxing breather into your day. The aerating pool shoots water up into the air in a pleasant mist. And the active pool has an artificial waterfall that cascades down multiple tiers.

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Photograph above by Nathan Vaughn, used with permission under a Creative Commons license.

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