How to Efficiently Organize Your Move

Moving can be a hectic and overwhelming experience; you are already uprooting everything you know and leaving your comfort zone behind. Having to plan, pack, and move can add more stress to your daily routine than you need. But when you are efficiently organized, you can bring your stress levels down to something that will help you move quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. Read on to find a few tips and tricks from your friends at Delicate Moving.

When Should You Start Planning a Move?

So, you decided to move. When is the best time to become organized? Not to put any pressure on you, but you should start planning as soon as you choose to move and find your new home. Start with the date of your move and work backward from there. 

After you set your date, make a list of items that need to be done from today right up through the date of your move (and if you’re feeling like an overachiever, you can even list out items that you will need to do in your new place; however, that list can wait until you organize everything required pre-move). 

On the list of items you’ll need to do before and during your move, don’t forget to include things like transferring utilities, securing loan documents, collecting receipts, booking movers, and packing for moving day. 

If you don’t know what else to add, or if some of the items on the list above don’t apply to you, look online for a checklist. This will save you the guesswork of trying to think of everything yourself and help ensure you don’t forget any necessary steps.

Once your list is made, make sure that you have deadlines allotted to each item, and include a task on it to get additional moving supplies (you never know when you’ll run out of boxes, tape, and bubble wrap). 

When Should You Schedule with Movers?

Now that your list is made, contact Delicate Moving to see when we are available around the time of your moving date. The best way to avoid having to change your move date is to call with plenty of time before your move. Calling a month or so in advance will help you know that your movers and the moving date are secure. 

Delicate Moving can help with other essential tasks on your list, too. If you need to store anything for the short or long-term, if you need equipment and tools to help you pack up your items, or if you don’t even have time to pack and want us to do it for you, we can!

When Should You Start Packing for a Move? 

While it is essential to have things packed before the date of your move, it also isn’t required to pack everything up all at once. If you take one room at a time, starting at least two weeks before your move, and then pack up the items (like books, music, winter clothes) that you aren’t using first, packing your belongings will feel less overwhelming. 

Only start packing needed items a day before the movers get to your house. Hygienic items like shampoo, deodorant, and daily meds can be packed on the day of your move and should be taken in the car with you if possible.  Storing them in a designated overnight bag is ideal. 

If you need additional help, Delicate Moving has a host of helpful tips, tricks, and tools located on our blog. Our FAQ page is packed full of answers to a variety of frequently asked questions. Also, instead of tediously packing your clothes in boxes and suitcases, we offer wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes in, making moving your closets a much easier proposition. 

Delicate Moving’s team consists of qualified movers who are trained to meet our high standards. We offer free padding and shrink wrap to protect your furniture, and we provide free disassembly and assembly of your furniture as needed. 

We know and understand the strain it takes to pick up your life and go someplace new. We don’t think you should have to do it alone. Contact Delicate Moving for your move—we can handle the packing, moving, and storage you need—when you need it.


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