What NOT to Pack for Moving Day


Packing’s not really fun, is it? Unless your hobby is organization and you love the accomplishment of decluttering well-done, of course! Most of us would probably rather be doing anything else than finding the time to pack before a move, however, which means packing turns into just another stressor in your daily life. Then, there’s the realization that there are certain things you SHOULDN’T pack and that movers WON’T transport for you.

It’s true! There is a list of things you absolutely should not pack, and you need to know what they are before your movers arrive to transport your possessions. We’ll provide you with a list of “non-allowables” when you book a move with us, but this post can help you get started in the right direction.


Top of the list, you should not pack any dangerous or hazardous materials. Generally, if an item is either explosive, flammable, or corrosive, it should not be packed. This covers the obvious like ammunition, lighter fluid, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, weed killer, fireworks, kerosene, etc. It also includes items you might not even think about, like your fingernail polish remover, child’s chemistry set, cleaning solvents, matches, items in aerosol cans (like hairspray!) and so on. It pays to review the non-allowables list completely before you start packing so you won’t have to worry about any hold-ups on the big day.

So what do you do with these items? It’s not like you’re going to throw out a whole bottle of nailpolish remover or all your cleaning supplies or your ammunition! We completely agree, which is why you should plan for alternate transportation of those items. When you’re deciding how much space you need on a moving truck and how you’re going to pack your personal vehicles, also determine how to fit these non-allowables safely onto your personal transportation.


Next up, most movers say you should definitely not expect to pack any perishable foodstuff onto the moving truck. Whether it’s a long distance or local move, it’s entirely possible that any food items will spoil during packing, driving, and unpacking. In a long-distance scenario, this could even attract vermin such as insects or rodents that may ruin or contaminate your belongings.

However, Delicate Moving WILL transport your frozen foods for you if you make arrangements with our office beforehand. We cannot accommodate requests made on your actual moving day, though. If we’re unable to transport your frozen foods for you, you should make sure to use what you can beforehand or make arrangements to transport it yourself—for example, in coolers with ice or cold packs.

Many movers will also refuse to transport plants, since they can be delicate and easily damaged in transit. Delicate Moving WILL move your houseplants and other potted plants for you, but we ask that you be aware of the risks associated with transporting them. Plants are very difficult to secure on moving trucks, and we are not responsible for any breakage or damage that results from the move. If you’re moving across state lines, please note that the United States Department of Transportation forbids us from moving most plants and trees between states.


In this last section, we’re covering items that movers won’t necessarily refuse to transport, but which they usually prefer not to move for you. Basically, you should transport any small valuable items or possessions with significant personal value on your private vehicle. This includes items such as jewelry or cash, family photographs, important paperwork like car titles or birth certificates, laptop computers and other personal devices, and so forth. We will move these items if properly and securely packed, but we strongly encourage you to transport them yourself.

Also, we will not transport firearms unless you make arrangements in writing with our office before the day of your move.

You should be ready to tackle packing those boxes now that you’re armed with the information on what NOT to pack! And if you really just don’t feel like packing? Give us a call: we’re happy to do it for you! We’ll pack your whole house, or even just a few rooms. Get the details at 214-347-9301.

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