How to Organize a Move in Dallas


Moving in Dallas-Fort Worth can be a complicated business – there are so many moving parts that you must coordinate into a smooth and careful process! We understand that this can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry: we’re here to help. Not only do you have the option of having us handle all your packing (and the actual moving, of course!), but we’re sharing our best tips on how to organize a move in Dallas below.


Once you’ve decided to move in Dallas, it’s time to set your moving date – this will dictate the rest of your schedule, including how quickly you may need to execute each step. Those items include researching movers, your deadline for booking your move, when you close on your new home (or do a new apartment walkthrough), and so on. It’s incredibly useful to have a binder that you can keep all this information in – fill it with a calendar, inventory print-outs, estimates and receipts, and any other papers important to your move (from moving agreement to home warranty to contact numbers for your moving company, realtor, landlord, etc.). This is also the stage where you decide on a budget for your move.


There are a few important transfers you need to ensure go on your timeline and get done in advance of your moving day. First, make a list of utilities that you need to cancel or transfer to your new residence – including looking up what electric companies, Internet providers, and such serve your new area. Inform your movers concerning any appliances you’ll need disconnected so they can advise you whether any other professionals are required. Change your address with the post office at least a couple of weeks before you move – you can specify the exact date they start sending your mail to your new home. If you have school-age children, make sure you contact the current school they attend about sending their records to a new school as necessary. You’ll also need to speak with your homeowners (or renters) insurance agent about a new policy.


You should create an inventory of everything you pack for moving. This protects your belongings, making sure nothing is left behind, and allows you to confirm that everything has made the trip and is in the same condition on the other side of your move. This is also the point at which you decide on a packing system (pack by room? By type of object?) and decide which items will NOT be moving with you. When you decide what you’re getting rid of, do it in the most advantageous way for you: you can try selling items you no longer want on eBay or even Craigslist. You can also donate them to charity or see if your friends want anything. Have a yard sale if you have the time!

When you start packing the stuff you want to keep and move, make sure you have a categorization system. You can use colored tape to identify boxes by room (yellow tape for kitchen, blue tape for bathroom, and so on), and you can use a numbering system on the boxes for your inventory. Keep either a paper or computer inventory and write a description or list of what is in each box next to the relevant number.


You should decide on a packing schedule right away – essentially, as soon as you decide to move, you need to start packing! Do a little each day, starting with nonessentials like decorative items before moving on to books or out-of-season clothes or other items rarely used. Don’t forget: if you need packing materials, we can supply those (and even deliver them to your home for free when you purchase at least $150). Don’t spare the padding on your breakables! Label those boxes as fragile. Did you know you should stack your plates like records (instead of one on top of another) or that you can use (clean!) socks to help pad your stemware? We share these and similar moving tips every Monday on our social feeds, so follow us on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter if you find them useful! And, of course, don’t pack any non-allowables.


Moving day may be stressful, but you’re almost through! As your Dallas movers, we’re here to help you minimize that stress. If you can, before the move, make sure the kitchen and bathroom in your new place are clean (you may need to clean them). A clean blank slate in both those spaces will help you feel more relaxed immediately after the move. You should also do any cleaning you can at your old place as required. On the actual day of the move, make sure you have a plan to keep your children and any pets safely out of the way. It may even be best for them to stay with a family member or sitter until the moving day is complete. You should also be on hand for any questions the movers may have and to ensure everything on your inventory is loaded.

So much to do when you’re moving in Dallas! We hope these tips will guide you through organizing for the big day, and take the edge off the stress of moving. We also look forward to being your Dallas movers – contact us if you have any questions about our services, particularly our packing services. We can’t wait to hear from you, neighbor! Give us a call at 214-390-6714.

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