How to Protect Your Belongings from Pests While Moving

Packing and unpacking is stressful enough. Add the prospect of opening a box of Grandma’s antiques and finding bugs inside? Well, that’s stress that no one needs. It’s much easier to prevent roaches, silverfish, bed bugs and other critters from getting into your moving boxes than it is to get rid of them later, so take some simple precautions to protect your stuff.

Start With a Clean Slate

The clothing that’s been folded away in the back of your closet may already be home to silverfish, moths or other pests. And clothing that sports food stains is very appealing to hungry insects. It’s a hassle to wash everything before you pack it, but it may pay off if it prevents an infestation. If you don’t have time to wash all clothing, at least give each piece a thorough shake before packing it. Make sure all kitchen items are clean and free of food residue, too.

Choose Containers Carefully

Moving gets expensive, so it’s tempting to save on packing materials by getting empty boxes from a store or friend. Resist that temptation: if there’s any insect activity inside those free boxes, your stuff could be contaminated. Use new and sturdy cardboard boxes, tape the seams shut (to minimize gaps that would allow insects in) and use plastic storage boxes with lids when possible.

Isolate Items Where Pests Can Hide

Many Texas residents have had the unpleasant experience of lifting the coffee maker or toaster and seeing bugs scurrying away. Roaches in particular flock to dark or moist places where crumbs can be found, so kitchen appliances make popular hideouts. If you’re packing any smaller appliances, enclose the entire item in a sealed garbage bag before putting it into a box. If any pests are lurking inside, they’ll stay contained inside the bag. Do the same thing with electronics that bugs could get inside of, like DVD players and game consoles.

Keep Everything Dry

Pests like silverfish flourish in humid environments. Make your moving boxes inhospitable by keeping them dry at all times. Don’t stack boxes on the garage floor if it’s prone to leaks. If you’re packing anything damp, like toiletries that are stored in the shower, let them dry completely before putting them into boxes and choose a storage facility that’s clean and dry.

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