• Does Delicate Moving Systems (DMS) use “day” laborers?

    NO. All of our movers have verifiable moving industry job experience and are not hired through a day labor center.

  • Do all of your men speak English?

    YES. All of our men speak fluent English.

  • Is DMS licensed, fully insured, and approved by the State of Texas?

    YES. We are licensed by the TxDOT and are fully insured.

  • Can DMS store my possessions temporarily?

    YES. We offer temporary storage on our trucks and short term and long term storage in our warehouse facility. If you need storage, please contact your estimator or our office so that we can be prepared to meet your storage needs on the day of your move. A DMS representative will be able to provide you with storage pricing and answer any of your storage related questions.

  • Can DMS disassemble/reassemble my pool table, grandfather clock, waterbed and other similar items?

    YES. Arrangements must be made with our office prior to the day of your move. There may be charges associated with these services.

  • What time will your men arrive for my move?

    Unless otherwise arranged, our men will arrive for your move between 8am-10am. Your crew leader will call you in route to your home.

  • Will DMS disconnect my appliances and take apart my beds?

    YES. Our men will disconnect/reconnect your non-gas appliances and take apart any furniture unless otherwise stated in writing. Typically there is no charge for this service; however, please confirm with your estimator about any specific pieces or appliances that will need these services. If we will be moving a front load washer/dryer, please contact our office or your estimator about special care that will be needed for those units.

  • Will DMS disassemble swing sets, storage sheds and other similar items?

    YES. If these services will be needed you should contact your estimator or someone in our office to make specific arrangements and receive pricing for the services you will need.

  • Can DMS provide wardrobe boxes for my hanging clothes?

    YES. DMS offers wardrobe boxes for rent or purchase. Each wardrobe box will hold 2 linear feet of hanging clothes. If you need wardrobe boxes, please contact our office prior to the day of your move.

  • Can I leave my clothing items in my dresser drawers?

    YES. DMS pads and shrink wraps your furniture in your home, which will allow you to leave clothing and linens items only in your drawers. You will need to remove any hard items such as papers, books, coins, jewelry, etc.

  • Do I need to put my electronics in boxes?

    YES. You should box audio/video components, computers, and other similar electronic items. TVs that are not the flat panel style do not have to be boxed. Flat panel TVs (Plasmas, LCD’s) should be boxed, crated, or moved in your personal vehicle. If you would like for DMS to move those types of TVs, please contact our office or speak with your estimator prior to the day of your move about DMS moving them and the preparation that will be required. DMS also recommends that shippers backup their computers and keep the discs with them in case of damage to the computer.

  • Do I need to box my lamps?

    YES. DMS will not move lamps if the lampshade and or light bulbs have not been removed. The items should be boxed or moved by you, the shipper.

  • Can DMS move my frozen foods?

    YES. It is extremely important that you contact our office prior to your moving day so that specific arrangements can be made. If arrangements have not been made prior to your moving day, our movers reserve the right to refuse to move those types of goods.

  • Can DMS move my house plants?

    YES. Please note that DMS does not assume any liability of any kind if the plants and/or pots are damaged in transit. Plants/Trees are extremely difficult to properly secure. We will gladly move them, but we want to reiterate that we do not assume any liability for damages. If you are moving across the state line, know that we are forbidden by the UsDOT to move most plants/trees.

  • Are there any items DMS cannot move according to the law?

    YES. The DOT forbids us from moving the following items or any items similar to the items mentioned below: butane or propane tanks, combustible or flammable chemicals, acids of any kind, adhesives, paints, combustible engines containing fuel or oil, aerosol cans, ammunition, charcoal briquettes, alcohol, and animals.

  • Will DMS move sentimental items like photographs and other items that are irreplaceable?

    YES, if properly boxed. We strongly recommend that items like that be transported by you, the shipper.

  • Will DMS move my guns?

    No, unless agreed upon in writing between you and DMS prior to the day of your move.

  • Will DMS move my Cash, Coins, Jewelry, Prescriptions, Small Electronics (iPods), and other similar items?

    No. We recommend that any of these types of goods be transported by the shipper which will prevent the items from being misplaced, lost, or damaged.

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